Topics, Schedule , Programme

- Topics of the Conference
1. Unconventional superconductivity and proximity phenomena in multi-band, magnetic, topological and low-dimensional materials.
2. Josephson junctions and arrays for quantum phase control devices.
3. Superconductor/ferromagnet hybrids.
4. Coherent phenomena at mesoscopic and nanoscale (including vortex physics).
5. Novel materials, hybrids, properties.
6. Challenges in theoretical modelling of coherent superconducting hybrids.
7. Applications benefiting from quantum coherence of superconducting hybrids.

- Schedule of the Conference

1. Participants Arrival, Registration, ’Get together’ meeting March 26th, 2018
2. Conference opening, First day of the Workshop March 27th, 2018
3. Second day of the Workshop, Conference dinner March 28th, 2018
4. Third day of the Workshop (morning), Closing remarks, Lunch, Departure March 29th, 2018

- Important Information
The Registration and ’Get together’ meeting will start
on Monday March 26th at 15:00 in the venue Hotel "Mercure Arc 1800"

The Workshop and Lunches will take place at the restaurant of the Mercure Arc 1800 hotel

The Conference Dinner will take place at 20:00 at the restaurant of "L’Aiguille Grive Chalets Hôtel" (Charmettoger 73700 Les Arcs 1800)

- Programme of the Conference and Abstract Book
The program of the Workshop will be available in February 2018. (click on image to download)