How to Register

Dear Participants,
Please note that before you proceed with the payment of the Registration Fee (which certifies the Final Registration and Hotel booking), you should first Pre-Register and Submit your Abstract on the Abstract Submission / Pre-registration page. There you will also be able to apply for Participation Support from COST. You will receive the confirmation from Organizers about your Pre-Registration and Abstract Submission via email. You will also receive personal instructions how to pay the Registration Fee.

- Payment of the Registration Fee
Have you already pre-registered, submitted your abstract, received the notification from Organizers and payment instructions ? Congratulations ! You may now proceed with the payment of the Registration Fee.
The payment of the Registration Fee is personal ; it will be handled directly by Mercure Arc 1800 hotel. The payment is possible via bank transfer to the hotel bank account (preferred) or by Credit Card upon calling Mercure Arcs 1800 hotel directly. Please, follow payment instructions you have received.

The payment of the Registration Fee is mandatory for all Participants of the Workshop. The Registration Fee includes : full board hotel accomondation (3 nights), abstract and programme book, session attendance, conference service and coffee breaks, conference dinner.

The Registration Fee is :

€460, for COST-supported participants paid before December 25th, 2017
€480, with no support from COST paid before February 1st, 2018
€540, late registration. No support from COST, your participation is non guaranteed. Please contact Organizers paid after March 1st, 2018 -

- COST support
During pre-registration you have applied for a partial support from COST ? You will be promptly informed about the decision taken by COST. Note however, that the participants expecting COST support should proceed with payment of the Registration Fee before December 25th, 2017.

N.B. COST Supported Participants will be reimbursed later, after the conference, by the COST Action CA16218. Eligible participants will receive an email with all the instructions from grant holder.

- Accompanying Persons
Special rates were negotiated for accompanying persons (in rooms shared with participants) : bed & breakfast - €50 per person/night, half-board - 70€, full board - 100€. Please contact the Organizers : shybrids-cost (arobase)


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